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Pre-Christmas is my very favourite time of year. Not Actual Christmas, but very definitely Pre-Christmas.  Despite getting more than my fair share of winter colds and bugs EVERY YEAR, I’m still addicted to the combination of carols, warm spicy alcoholic drinks and stress which heralds late December.

Due to all of the above, I haven’t been doing much blogging (although there has been plenty to enjoy) but, incredibly, I HAVE been nominated for Tesco Wine Blogger of the Year! I’m up against some fantastically talented and experienced writers, including Jamie Goode and Helen McGinn, both of whom make me look like a rank amateur, but nevertheless it’s really wonderful to be thought of as a Proper Blogger, so am really very pleased with myself.

It’s quite a long process, but if you DO want to vote for me, you can do so here:


Also in ME ME ME news, I’ve written a piece for the brilliant website The Flick which is all about how to get through Christmas and New Year drinking without losing your mind or your liver.

I literally have to go and finish my Christmas shopping now (to make it clear, I have taken the day off work, the wine trade isn’t THAT slack) so here’s a taste of my most recent drinking, a STUNNING white Crozes Hermitage which we had at our team Christmas lunch yesterday. We had it with the cheese course and it was just heavenly – ripe peachy flavours and aromas with a long nutty, honeycomb ending, perfect with cheese but I imagine it would go well with a number of Christmassy dishes – any creamy seafood (lobster etc) or even turkey with all the trimmings. In fact, if you’re still wondering about what wine to go for with your Christmas feast, try a white wine from the Rhone – not seen as much as red wine from the same region of France, it’s either made from Viognier or Marsanne / Roussanne, all grapes with a lot of character, and perfect to complement quite richly flavoured foods.


But to wish you a properly Merry Christmas, here are the LEGENDARY staff from one of the wineries we work with. Our main contact is Daniel, whose singing finishes the video – turn the music up loud and enjoy. If this doesn’t put a Christmassy smile on your face, I don’t know what will.