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Do you know what I drank last night? Some of the booze mountain left over from our wedding. And a few nights before that? Champagne. And Champagne for quite a few nights before then too.

Yes, I am now drinking as a married woman. Apart from the ring on my finger, not a lot has changed – not my name, not my living circumstances, and certainly not my enthusiasm for what’s in my glass.

I’m not going to turn this into a wedding blog (in fact, if you do want to read about our wedding, the wonderful @BlondeM has blogged about it JOYOUSLY here – one of the things that the wedding reminded me was that you need to rope in your fabulously talented friends wherever you can to do things infinitely better than you ever could) but I do at least want to recap the drinks.

I didn’t actually spend my wedding day taking photos of what we all drank. I was having such an amazing time that I couldn’t have torn myself away to find the ‘depth of field’ setting on my HTC if you’d paid me. But our parents in their wonderful clearing efforts brought back a few left-over open bottles along with the unopened beer mountain that we now have on our hands, so I can at least re-create the drinks of the day.


We started with a Spumante Rosato from Puglia in Italy, and also had a Negroni bar, it being our very favourite joint cocktail and just the right way to kick off a food-heavy, winter wedding. For the dinner wines, we had Pieropan Soave for the white (a complete classic, a Liberty favourite, and under stelvin so of course wonderfully fresh and delicious) and the fruity, spicy A Mano Primitivo in magnum for the red wine. Mark and Elvezia Shannon from A Mano, being the spectacularly warm and brilliant people they are, helped us out hugely with the wines after we visited them back in Spring 2012. Their wines are everything that is great about the new wave of Southern Italian winemaking, a movement that Mark was pivotal in in Puglia – fresh, clean, fruity and delicious to drink.

It all went pretty free-form after dinner – I certainly had a post-prandial Negroni (or three), my sister spent the whole day on the Spumante, lots of our guests enjoyed the glorious ‘Matrimoniale’ specially brewed for us by a very good friend or either of the Meantime beers we had going as well, but I think quite a few continued on the dinner wines, which is a good sign that they were roundly enjoyed. And we had the San Pellegrino sparkling blood orange one for the happily pregnant, the reluctantly driving, or the temporarily sensible.

If I were to detail the drinking and accommodation details of the few days after the wedding, I would quite frankly want to punch myself in the face, so I’ll spare you that particular smugfest. But there were gorgeous hotels, many bottles of champagne, and a wintery ‘mini-moon’ to Berlin, a city so overflowing with fantastic food and drink that it deserves its own post, and so it shall have one as soon as time allows.