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For once, a blog entry in real time. Last night I drank long and fully at the wonder that is the Amy Matthews and Andy Morris Official Wedding Caterers. Or, as some people prefer to call it, 10 Greek Street.

We’d done 25 hard-core minutes in the John Lewis furniture department and if that’s not justification for a great meal out, I don’t know what is. Faced with a wine list as good as the one at Greek Street I literally want to drink everything. What’s more, because of the absurdly reasonable price of the list, I actually can – it’s only my quietly groaning liver that’s holding me back. Luckily, because they do the majority of the list by the glass and the carafe, it’s quite possible to try a couple of wines throughout dinner, so we went for a Rotgipfler to start. This, as any fule kno, is a white grape variety from the Gumpoldskirchen district of the Thermenregion in Austria. And who SAYS Austrian and German wines aren’t the easiest to understand?(!) Despite it sounding like character from a Grimm’s Fairy Tale, it’s actually very tasty, full and rather funky (in the good sense).


No pictures of actual wine, too busy eating. And drinking the contents of this beautiful wine list.

We followed up with a carafe of the sublime Mount Horrocks Semillon. I’d seriously recommend trying some Australian Semillon the next time you have seafood, it’s just so under-rated and so tasty. And you get to make as many Semillon-based jokes as you like (fnar fnar etc etc).

The menu at Greek Street is delicious, changed daily, and has the ability to feed you with a huge variety of tastes, ingredients and styles, and still let you walk out of the restaurant after three courses feeling warm and floaty rather than overstuffed and regretful.

We got there shortly after 8pm, popped next door to the Pillars of Hercules for a swift pint until a table was ready, and somehow we were still there chatting with Luke the owner as the rest of the Ace Staff cleared up around us. I must apologise both to the Ace Staff for taking so damn long, and to Luke for being, let’s say, enthusiastic and chatty. Because that’s what I was. All The Wine just made me enthusiastic and chatty. A brilliant night, albeit a bit too brilliant for a Tuesday.